KISS-Suspension – Absolutely Amazing Performance

KISS Suspension, from KISS Technologies LLC, provides amazing performance.

It is easy to use, reliable, and secure. It features increased proprioception due to enhanced linkage and can be used on any limb on which a roll-on locking liner can be used. Patients will exhibit increased control of his/her prosthesis and increased tracking at the hip through the entire gait cycle. This means that KISS Suspension will be incredibly effective, secure and comfortable for the patient. For the practitioner, KISS Suspension is easy to fabricate, and highly customizable.

Seeing is truly believing.

View the videos below to see how KISS Suspension outperforms other suspension systems. Using a socket equipped with KISS Suspension, a patient will feel like his/her artificial limb is truly a part of his/her residual limb. Patients report that the performance and experience is incredible. Practitioner satisfaction at the success of his/her patient will only be surpassed by the patient’s own joy abilities and performance. Try KISS Suspension today, and let it prove itself to you as the most effective suspension system you have ever experienced.