KISS Suspension

KISS Suspension, from KISS Technologies LLC, is a prosthetic suspension system that virtually eliminates pistoning and rotation, even with volume loss or gain. KISS Suspension can be used with ANY covered roll on locking liner and it has an extremely low profile and build height. KISS has revolutionized the prosthetics industry and the lives of patients all over the world.

  • It Entirely Eliminates The Pin And The Multitude Of Problems Associated With The Pin
    KISS Suspension does not use a pin or ratchet in any way. By using patented technologies KISS Suspension is able to secure a prosthesis using an innovative pulley action system. Pistoning and rotation are virtually eliminated.
  • It Is Easy To Fabricate And Don, Without Fabrication Dummies
    KISS Suspension features a distal locking base that can be thermo-formed into a flexible inner socket, or laminated directly into the socket, or screwed into a threaded CENTRI® Lamination Adaptor. This next generation fabrication technique eliminates steps from the traditional fabrication process, saving both time and money.
  • It Maintains Suspension And Rotation Control By Eliminating Inversion Of The Liner AND Extraneous Distal Motion, Even With Volume Loss Or Gain
  • It securely anchors the limb into the socket both proximally and distally, creating enhanced linkage between the amputee and prosthesis. KISS Suspension surpasses all previous suspension systems in achieving an exceptionally high level of Proprioception and Control when used with a roll on locking liner.
  • It Boasts Infinite Adjustability WITHOUT The Use Of A Ratchet
  • Patients are able to easily pull their limb into the socket, WITHOUT creating folds in the proximal liner.
  • It is Low Profile Because It Suspends Both Distally and Proximally Through A Pulley Action System
  • It eliminates the need for extra space in the distal socket for a pin receptacle. Unlike pin systems, KISS creates incredibly secure resistance against pistoning and rotation.
  • There are NO Moving Or Mechanical Components
    Pin systems have a tendency to jam, causing the limb to “get stuck” in the socket or fail to engage in the Pin-Locking Mechanism. KISS technology eliminates this problem completely.
  • It Easily Accommodates Any Contracture Without Compromised Suspension
  • It can be used with any degree of contracture. An extreme example can be seen in the video on our Performance Page.
  • It Is Fully Submersible And Will Work Under Water
    Patients are no longer limited to dry land activities with their prosthesis.
  • Visit our Performance Page and experience KISS Suspension, from KISS Technologies LLC.